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The 2022 NBA Playoff Predictions – Finals

Kyrie: Hey KD, Boston’s going nowhere. It’ll be ages before the Celtics make the Finals again. I’m thinking about leaving, how would you feel about teaming up?
KD: Good to hear from you Kyrie. I feel like the Warriors are on the way down too. They’ve had their time, and it’s time I left before things get really bad. Let’s do it. We’ll be unstoppable. 
Hopefully KD’s burner account doesn’t come after me now. We all had Celtics in 6 last round, which is really what should have happened. Troy getting Warriors in 5 on the money though, so he takes home the chocolates this round. Absolutely magnificent, would ya take a look at that!

Golden State Warriors v Boston Celtics

Troy Goostrey: The Warriors advance to play for the Chip for the 6th time in the past 8 seasons.  This Curry-Klay-Green setup has approached the neighbouring postcode of the 90’s Bulls, although clearly still a ways off being put right in the same conversation, they are building an impressive resume now.  The fast start this season was upset with late season mediocrity before getting everything back in alignment for the playoffs.  They have had a bit of help though, beating the Nuggets missing some key pieces, Memphis with Ja going down, and Dallas with Luka and an average supporting cast.
Boston has made it back to the Finals for the 3rd time in the past 35 years.  Two generations of fans don’t really understand how so many of us loathe the Celtics from the dominance from the 1950s through to the 1980s, so it was a bit surprising to note they haven’t reached the Finals too often since Larry, McHale and Chief handed in their Celtic greens.  This Celtic edition was no where near Finals ready early on, but the surge late put them right into calculations.  They have had a trying and tough playoffs, navigating the dangerous but dysfunctional super-team in Brooklyn, taking down the title holder Giannis and his Bucks, then the 7 game dust up with the Heat to reach the chance at the pinnacle.
It is that Celtic playoffs resume which gives me the need to lean toward the lucky leprechaun this June.  I think they have the defence to disrupt the Warriors enough 4 times to clinch the Larry O’Brien. Celtics in 6
Mim Gollan: Golden State will win because they’ve had a longer rest, whereas the Celtics had to play 7 games. The Celtics also were only playing against that pudgy guy who flops. Tatum needs to stop pulling and shaking his earlobes, or maybe he needs to do it more. I’m undecided on what effect this has on the result of the game. Warriors in 6
Jarrod Cotton: Warriors have depth and playoff experience in their main stars, not the dynastic team but close. The biggest key to Golden State’s success will have to be an exceptional series from Andrew Wiggins. I’m not totally sold that this will happen. Celtics only have to play within themselves and disciplined which is how they got this far. I hope Boston prevails in 6. Celtics in 6
Jesse Cotton: It’s good to see the two teams battling it out being fairly homegrown, each with 4 out of 5 starters drafted by the team. The Celtics bringing back Al Horford and the Warriors bringing back Iggy (AGAIN!) also feels like reuniting the cast for another Top Gun movie. Personally I’d be happy to see either of these teams win, so I’m going for a close series. That’s the heart, now the head.
Some Finals matchups are pretty easy to pick, but not this one. Every point has a counter point. Warriors are great at home, not losing in the playoffs yet, but the Celtics have been 7-2 on the road so far. Warriors achilles heel is they get a lot of turnovers, but same with the Celtics. Warriors have a DPOY candidate, but the Celtics have the DPOY. Celtics have come through in Game 7s, but they lost a pivotal game 5 and closeout game 6, both at home, to put themselves in that position. Warriors have been better at putting series away, but they also lost a closeout game by (essentially) 50. So in order to pick this I have to find something to nitpick. And here it is, with some caveats. The worst thing you can do against the Warriors is sloppy live ball turnovers and giving up offensive rebounds. They somehow turn those muddled up plays into wide open 3s. The Celtics give up more turnovers than a country bakery (especially if Gary Gary Payton plays), with dribbling skills reminiscent of 1991 Vlade Divac. And I’ve watched too many seasons of Hawks’ Al Horford getting beaten on the boards by the likes of Tristan Thompson to have faith in him boxing out Looney (especially if Timelord is hobbled). So Warriors in 7
- "They call me General Lee. And nothing outranks General" - David Lee
- "What about Chief?" - Robert Parish

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