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NBA Draft Lottery 2019

Having just watched the lottery today I’ll try to review all teams involved rating who won or lost and the immediate future….. so here we go.

Starting with the team win/lost records from worst to best (non-playoff) Pre lottery order.

Knickerbockers 17/65, Cavaliers 19/63, Suns 19/63, Bulls 22/60, Hawks 29/53, Wizards 32/50, Pelicans 33/49, Grizzlies 33/49, Mavericks 33/49, Timberwolves 36/46, Lakers 37/45, Hornets 39/43, Heat 39/43, Kings 39/43.

Pick 14

Sacramento’s pick goes to Boston at fourteen. Kings dodged a bullet with this one. Unprotected for Sixers then Celtics, to stay at fourteen has minimised damage to front office reputations so, the Kings get a pass. Boston ends up with picks 14,20,22 in this years first round which makes me think probably two out of the three are used in a trade package, not sure what package now (?? thanks Kyrie).

Pick 13

Miami stays at thirteen here. The Heat at the end of Dwyane Wade era can afford to be a lottery team for a few years also historically have been successful with free agents so they’re fine. Better luck next time Pat.

Pick 12

Charlotte also stays pat at twelve. I was a bit disappointed that the Hornets didn’t get into the top four. This team is between a rock and a hard place. Kemba (all-star) if he wants to stay and sign the max try to build around or if he leaves start again with ordering Bobcats uniforms. Ugh Sorry MJ winning looks further away than ever.

Pick 11

Minnesota drops back one into the eleventh spot. In all honesty the wolves should really be in the Playoffs by now. KAT, Wiggins, Saric, Covington +PG duo is the makings of a good squad on paper. I can’t be too unhappy about this one. Time to put the big boys pants on fellas.

Pick 10

Atlanta grabs Dallas’s pick here at ten. This comes from last years draft trade for Dallas to move up to get Luka. Well now we will see if Trae Young + this pick is > Luka Doncic? I guess until the player is selected and plays for a few years the jury is out but sorry Jess, I think not (heir Donovan).

Pick 9

The Wizards move back from six to nine. Another middle of the road team that really only has one guaranteed star on there roster. The options are to trade Beal with Wall + contract and start again or sign Beal to the max, regroup and hope Wall comes back from injury better than ever. I would go through door one.

Pick 8

Atlanta moves back from five to eight. The Hawks dealt a second disappointing blow. After so much promise both picks underwhelmed, this maybe just puts the plan back a year. Use one of the two picks as a high upside project player (Bol Bol) and the other best available, then return to the lottery next year. Would have been fun to see Zion on this fun, quick team to fast track the rebuild. Ca Caaaa.

Pick 7

Chicago moves back from four to seven. I miss the Bulls being competitive. They had a semi renaissance with Rose and company but would like to see another Playoff team soon. oh well there is always next year. I can’t feel too sorry for the Bulls fans unless they were born in the 2000’s, they have witnessed basketball royalty.

Pick 6

Phoenix dropping out of equal first to end up sixth. The Suns have been in the lottery for a few years now time for there stars to be pushing for a Playoff berth. Last years number one falls to them so they are alright. The kids are alright.

Pick 5

Cleveland also dropping out of equal first odds to claim the fifth pick. I was so glad the Cavs didn’t get the first pick after there history. LeBron 03, Kyrie 11, Bennett 13 (i know, doesn’t count), and Wiggins 14 who turned into K.Love. They had there turn. Lottery next year me thinks. Argh.

Pick 4

Los Angeles were the first team to move from eleven to four. Wow, I am relieved four is the highest they got after last years debacle. Lakers already had LeBron via free agency I didn’t want that front office to be gifted the number one pick, let them work to accumulate the rest of there roster for once. Magic knew there was work to be done that’s why he left, he just wants to tweet. Pick four also lends itself to a trade, watch this space. I hear Rambis is in charge now Dan.

Pick 3

Knicks end up at Three from being equal favourites for one. As usual the Knicks were hyped and the fans ate it up. They teased with being in the top four only to land at three. This draft has taught me that out and out tanking might be a thing of the past. After the dust settles, this might turn out salvageable for New York. Grab a future star with the pick to go along with the other young prospects on there roster or maybe bundle them all into an Anthony Davis trade. Hoping like hell at least one significant free agent comes. Patience New York, as if that is going to happen at Madison Square Garden.

Pick 2

Memphis jump up from eighth to snatch pick two. The Grizzlies deserve to be rewarded by the basketball gods for being competitive for the last decade. First year of the rebuild with Gasol moving to Toronto and drafting Jaren Jackson Jr who looks the goods. Now number two, the future is promising could this be the second coming of Grit and Grind? (sounds like one of Dougie’s alleged german films).

Pick 1

And finally New Orleans jumps from seventh to the top pick. This is just what the doctored ordered. A rocky ownership succession who both old and new leadership still prioritise the NFL team (Saints). A superstar who has asked for a trade out of town (re: previous post Agent Provocateur). Lowest attendance, this had the rumblings of relocation. But with the hiring of GM David Griffin and now winning the Zion Sweepstakes, this thing could be turning around. could AD stay? if nothing has changed on that front no matter he will still command young players and future draft picks which is probably the way to go. Great City, Party town good to see a future where there was threatening to be none. Zion deep southbound.

Hopefully there is some overall hope to be had for the NBA’s up and coming teams, now bring on the Mock Drafts.

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