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Questions, Goorjian – Round 6

Right fellas, here’s the plan. I’m gonna smile at Andersen and then when he’s looking deep into my hypnotic eyes, I’m gonna clock him one in the chin.
I went out and bought a #13 Rockets jersey, thinking it was a James Harden retro throwback. Turns out it was YOU David. So stick ’em up.

How this works is I pose a number of questions, and collate everyone’s answers together here. Sounds easy, right?

At the round table today we have Jarrod Cotton (BOS), David Ashman (DEN), Troy Goostrey (IND) and Jesse Cotton (ATL).

Who would be your East and West starting All Stars?

Jarrod Cotton:

Giannis Antetokounmpo – on mvp shortlist.
Joel Embiid – off/def monster.
Kawhi Leonard – Raptors legit contenders.
Kyrie Irving – Celtics legit contenders.
Kemba Walker – lead guard out of the rest (also at home).

James Harden – mvp front runner (historic).
Stephen Curry – mvp conversation before injury.
Paul George – should be defensive poy + off game reaching new heights.
Anthony Davis – def/off juggernaut (team record a worry).
Nikola Jokic – Denver legit contenders (haven’t heard that in a while, hey Ash ).

Sorry Durant, AD took your spot. If you did what Harden is doing when Steph was out you would’ve been a lock.
Sorry LeBron missed too many games for me to usurp anyone (should’ve stayed in the East).

David Ashman:

Ben Simmons
Kyrie Irving
Giannis Antetokounmpo
Kawhi Leonard
Joel Embiid

James Harden
Russell Westbrook
Kevin Durant
Anthony Davis
Nicola Jokic

Troy Goostrey:



sorry Steph and I just can’t slot LeBron in with the games missed.

Jesse Cotton:

G Irving
G Oladipo
F Giannis
F Kawhi
C Embiid
Honourable mention: Simmons, Walker. That’s all, and even that’s a stretch.

F George
F Durant
G Curry
G Harden
C Davis
Honourable mentions: Jokic, Westbrook, Lillard. Not LeBron.

What is one realistic move you want your team to make at the trade deadline?

Jarrod Cotton:

Nothing this trade period

Boston has enough depth and playoff experience to at least get to the conference finals. If this doesn’t happen and everyone was healthy, then it’s time to make changes Danny. (Let’s see a blockbuster deal!)

David Ashman:

Bring back Melo!!! Hang on, hang on……..

Probably another forward to shore up their frontline when Millsap breaks his little toe or pinky finger again. Someone like a Jaylen Brown or James Johnson who are on teams that already have a plethora of forwards.

Troy Goostrey:

The season has been built on D first for the Pacers and with Dipo going down, if they wanted to keep pushing for a slice of the action out East, then a defensive replacement would still be needed.  Perhaps if the Pels go all in on the rebuild with AD wanting out, maybe a deal of some youth and expiring/good contracts for Jrue Holiday might work? (pairing him with his brother, Aaron).  Tyreke Evans has $12.6m expiring, Thad Young over $13m expiring, Joseph has $8m expiring.  Ideally it would be Evans + Joseph, and throw in youth like TJ Leaf to get around the $26m per season owed for Holiday.
Or if they could get Boston into the action, a Marcus Smart trade?  An expiring deal like Tyreke for the Celts might help in the FA sweepstakes ahead and Smart looks surplus to their needs.  The two salaries are a near match.
Overall I think any moves from the Pacers will be unlikely though.

Jesse Cotton:

Atlanta should be playing Prince a lot to get his trade value up in order to trade him.
After showing some promise at the end of the last 2 seasons, he’s just been underwhelming this year.
Send him to the Pelicans (even though Pelicans are birds, they never have wings) with Jeremy Lin for Solomon Hill and a draft pick.
Then with the spare roster spot, sign Preist Lauderdale.

Rank these NBL father/NBA son combinations by who would win a 2-on-2?
(a) Bruce and Jonah Bolden
(b) Dave and Ben Simmons
(c) Cecil and Dante Exum
(d) Rick and Jalen Brunson

Jarrod Cotton:

1: The Simmons’ – No outside shooting but Ben Simmons would be able to get to or near enough to the hoop most times. Ball handling on a 6-10 dude, who is guarding that. If this didn’t work Dave could just dislocate some shoulders.
2: The Exum’s – Ball handling scorers also with Dante’s height this team would be able to defend most other teams.
3: The Brunson’s – Both guys quick and probably the best passing team but in 2 on 2 passing isn’t the weapon it is, like in the full game. The height would be the disadvantage here, high IQ team but would find it hard to stop anyone of these teams.
4: The Bolden’s  – Even though Bruce could score in the day and Jonah looks good, I just can’t see anyone confidently dribbling the ball without Ben, Rick or Dante taking it off of them (major flaw). Lasty pasty for you Bruce! Can’t say my Sixers supporting self is sad about that one.

David Ashman:

I’d have to say it would be a finals series of the Simmons boys vs the Exum boys. Only problem is I don’t remember Ben’s old man being an outside shooter also. The Exum boys may have a bit more depth there. The Brunsons would be a little too light on to mix it up in the paint and the Bolden boys, well not sure. Bruce in his Sydney Kings days did not instill me with a lot of confidence and I didn’t care about the Kings playing crap anyway. Still don’t 🙂

Troy Goostrey:

#1 – Ben & Dave Simmons, easily!!
#2 – daylight
#3 – Rick and Jalen Brunson
#4 – Bruce and Jonah Bolden
#5 – Dante and Cecil Exum

Jesse Cotton:

#1 – Dave and Ben Simmons. Good combo of playmaking PG and finishing PF.
#2 – Rick and Jalen Brunson. Won’t get a rebound and will fight over shots.
#3 – Cecil and Dante Exum. Cecil brings the scoring and Dante brings the defense. Just a pity they’ll both be out injured.
#4 – Bruce and Jonah Bolden. Won’t get the ball over half court without a turnover.

Dan Kelly (special comments):

I would take Lindsey and Andrew Gaze 🙂

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