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The 2020 NBA Playoff Predictions – Finals

Dan scooting away, getting both Lakers in 5 and Heat in 6 for the maximum 12 points. Troy scoring 6, Jesse 3 and Jarrod Senor Zero.

So the leaderboard is currently:

Dan: 25
Troy: 19
Jesse: 16
Jarrod: 14

And now for the last time this season, here we go…

1 Los Angeles Lakers v 5 Miami Heat

Troy Goostrey: Should be a good series. Youthful exuberance versus some cagey vets with rings already in the closet.
Miami have the youthful legs. Miami have the defensive grit. Miami have perhaps the two purest shooters in the finals. Lakers have The KingLakers in 6.

Dan Kelly: So close to saying a sweep…but I will go Lakers in 5. I think if Heat don’t get one of the first two games it could be a sweep. Finals MVP could be real close and be one of those years where you could debate forever. I did say start of year AD for MVP and LeBron Finals MVP…heart says LeBron, head says AD…lock in…LeBron. Followed closely by Kuzma 🙂

Jarrod Cotton: So LA should be the favourites in this one with the best and second best player but, I’m thinking this could be a situation of Miami’s sum of parts adding up to more vs star power. Bam will win finals MVP if this prediction turns out to be right. Heat in 6.

Jesse Cotton: The Heat have notorious LeBron-stopper Andre Iguodala, but the Lakers have notorious Heat-killer Danny Green. Him going for three titles with three teams makes you wonder if it really was Kawhi delivering titles to the Spurs and Raptors.
The Lakers have the best two players in this series. Miami will surprise them one game where the Lakers will be focusing on the wrong players and someone like Dragic goes for 25. Apart from that the Lakers should take care of business. I can’t see it being 2-2, and I also can’t see the Lakers not closing out once they’re up 3-1. So Lakers in 5 and AD for Finals MVP.

“Pretty good starting five” – Gary Payton, Eddie Jones, Glen Rice, LeBron James, Shaquille O’Neal
“Pretty good sixth man” – Lamar Odom
“Pretty good coach” – Pat Riley
“Pretty good airline food” – Dion Waiters

“Pretty good clips” – Caron Butler, Brian Shaw, Cedric Ceballos, Brian Grant, AC Green

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