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NBA Playoff Predictions – Conference Semis


In a rematch of last year’s first round, Milwaukee will come in with a much better chance this time around. Which seems strange to say considering the Bucks are a relatively unchanged side, but the Celtics were missing Irving and Hayward. 

However, Milwaukee has the best player and better defense, they just have to prove they can play in Boston, which last year they couldn’t. Especially Eric Bledsoe, who should arrive to Game 1 wearing a Clifford Rozier jersey. RIP Clifford.

Milwaukee 4-2

“Man, we could make a great team” – Gary Payton, Ray Allen, Jason Terry and Vin Baker
“As long as you leave me off” – Fred Roberts
“I’m just here for the free food” – Greg Monroe

2 Toronto Raptors v 3 Philadelphia 76ers

This will be a great physical matchup. It all comes down to who I could potentially see get rattled enough to buckle under the pressure, and my money’s not on Kawhi.

Simmons, Embiid, Butler – something will not go right for at least one of them this series, and what happens then?

Philly will still show periods of dominance, but it won’t be enough to overcome the Raps.

Toronto 4-1

“You sure stacked on the kilos” – Amir Johnson
“Me? What about him!?” – Sharone Wright
“I’m just here for the free food” – Greg Monroe

1 Golden State Warriors v 4 Houston Rockets

The matchup we’ve all been waiting for. Or is it?

Harden doesn’t have the best playoff record, and his style of game where he looks to draw the foul is not as effective in the playoffs. The Rockets’ other big name, Chris Paul, will be lucky to finish the series uninjured.

Golden State on the other hand have too many weapons for the likes of Houston to contain, and have the extra motivation of going for 3 in a row.

Golden State 4-1

“They call me one of the twin towers” – Ralph Sampson
“They call me the Ivory Tower” – Jim Petersen
“REVERSE!!!!!!” – Sleepy Floyd


2 Denver Nuggets v 3 PortlAnd Trailblazers

I think I’m going to have to pick my first upset here.

I dunno, Dame just seems like he wants it more this year. And as the saying goes, you first have to lose in order to make sure you never want to lose again. That’s not actually a saying, but Portland has been there before and Denver hasn’t, they’ll know what they’re doing.

Portland 4-3

“I think Denver and Portland should both just shoot it more” – Walter Davis
“Right on brother” – Kiki Vandeweghe

2 thoughts on “NBA Playoff Predictions – Conference Semis”

  1. I think you’re going to be right about Portland v Denver, Lillard has elevated. The Playoffs are sorting out the stars from the true superstars.
    If so, a Curry v Lillard midcourt shootout could be in the works.

  2. So for me, I think:
    Milwaukee in 7 – Boston with Kyrie and Hayward this season look like they have been foxing until playoffs. Eventually the play of Giannis will be too much and Bucks clinch on the home floor,
    Toronto in 5 – So the 1-1 split at the moment makes this a tough get, but going into the series I just felt the Raptors were more settled and couldn’t see how Kawhi could be stopped.
    Warriors in 4 – I’m not sold on the Rockets at all. Warriors have perfect matchups at each spot and I can’t see how Durant can be contained – there’s no P-Bev in the Rockets side to get in his grill.
    Blazers in 6 – Good season by the Nuggets but they almost need to take a hit to come back bigger and stronger next season. Blazers are seasoned now at this Playoff caper, Lillard and Co too composed when it will count.

    Just a couple of Toronto finals quote from me….
    “Am I just here because I’m a Drake doppelganger??” – Fred VanVleet
    “Am I just in the front row because I’m a Fred VanVleet doppelganger??” – Drake

    Nice post Jesse, looking forward to the Conference Finals!! Cheers

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