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Top 5: Adelaide CBD Coffee

WebTMG loves coffee, so I thought why not put together a quick list of 5 establishments around the Adelaide CBD where I think the best coffee can be found!

I’ll repost this list from time to time as new places come or old places go, and look out for other Top 5 lists with variants to include coffee outside the CBD, adding some food into the mix with coffee, and other ideas to follow.

Without further ado, here’s my Top 5 at the moment…

11 Ebenezer Place

Although there are plenty of cafe’s to pick along Rundle Street, the best coffee is found if you duck down the side streets.  Hey Jupiter is on this list, and not the only one if you keep reading…

16 McHenry Street

Tucked away just off Gawler Place, Handsome and the Dutchess is worth a quick stroll away from the bustle of Rundle Mall to grab that caffeine hit.

1-3/12-18 Vardon Avenue

The second selection in the East End, Exchange offers some quality coffee from knowledgeable baristas.  Great location, good service, quality coffee – what more could you ask for??

42 Whitmore Square

Located away from the heart of the city on Whitmore Square, the coffee here is excellent but it is also on this list due to the relaxed decor and atmosphere.  Get away from the office and feel like you are on a real break at Cafe Troppo.

32 Leigh Street

Only a small shop, but don’t be fooled – for mine the lads at the Coffee Branch produce the best cup in the city.  Grab a bite for lunch in the trendy West End laneway’s, then wander past the Coffee Branch for that final caffeine fix.

With so many places to choose from, this list will be pretty fluid over time!!  Ping me a comment if you spot something missing or think WebTMG should try somewhere new.

Everything gets better with coffee!!

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