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The 2020 NBA Playoff Predictions – Conference Semis

I’m going to give a point for getting the correct series winner, and then a bonus point if you also got the correct amount of games as well.

So this means that after one round the leader board looks like this:
Troy, Dan, Jesse: 9
Jarrod: 8

Now on to round two…

Western Conference

1 Los Angeles Lakers v 4 Houston Rockets

Troy Goostrey: This is where the current Rockets team falls apart.  They just don’t have the parts to stop LBJ and AD and on the other end, that length and mobility of the Lakers will be enough to stop the Houston style.  Lakers in 5.

Dan Kelly: If the more-rested Lakers win game 1, this will be a short series. Can’t see the Rockets winning 4 out of 6. Lakers in 5.

Jarrod Cotton: Houston’s guard play will be dominant but going in with no rim protector will pose a problem against the likes of AD and LeBron. Lakers in 6.

Jesse Cotton: There will be one game where everyone on the Rockets are on fire from 3. But they won’t win any of the others. Lakers in 5.

“Gettin’ jiggy wid it” – Robert Horry

2 Los Angeles Clippers v 3 Denver Nuggets

Troy Goostrey: Looking forward to this match up to see how LAC plays Jokic.  I suspect we may be worn out from facing Gobert in the first round and the rest of the Nuggets look to struggle against the tough LAC defence.  I think each game will be tight, but ultimately more closers in LAC, and they will actually sweep the Nuggets in the second.  Clippers in 4.

Dan Kelly: Even though I think they could sweep the Nuggets, Clippers in 6.

Jarrod Cotton: Denver are good but too young to defeat the veterans of LA. Kawhi is making sure of that. Clippers in 5.

Jesse Cotton: Like Lillard, Murray scoring 50 a game isn’t sustainable, so now it’s up to Jokic to carry them past the Clippers. But the wing advantage of the Clippers is too much, Millflap shaking in his boots. Clippers in 4.

“Hand down, man down, where’s my cookies!” – Mark Jackson

Eastern Conference

1 Milwaukee Bucks v 5 Miami Heat

Troy Goostrey: Milwaukee will have it tougher in Round 2, but still look to find a way past MIA.  I like the experienced additions like Iguodala and it will help balance the youth, but not enough to close out a Milwaukee mob with an eye on the grand prize. Bucks in 6.

Dan Kelly: Giannis will be too much. Bucks in 6.

Jarrod Cotton: Miami will win the first game and make it look close but once Milwaukee works them out it will finish in 6. Bucks in 6.

Jesse Cotton: Miami will give the Bucks a run for their money and this will be a close series. But the Bucks have another gear we haven’t seen yet, and will ultimately get through. Bucks in 7.

“Jordan made me look stupid in The Last Dance” – Sherman Douglas
“I had no problem with the glove” – Gary Payton

2 Toronto Raptors v 3 Boston Celtics

Troy Goostrey: I think most are looking to Boston here, with their depth and high draft selections over powering the Raptors.  But I’ll stick with Toronto to reach the East Finals and defend their status as East champs.  Their defense against wings is underrated and I think will slow Brown and Tatum down enough to close this one out. Raptors in 7.

Dan Kelly: Could go 7 this one and even though predicting with Raptors already down 1-0, I will take Raptors just. Raptors in 6.

Jarrod Cotton: This one could go either way, both well coached teams. Toronto would go through to next round normally but the defending champions lost their best player. Celtics in 7.

Jesse Cotton: Pretty evenly matched teams, but without Hayward the Raptors have the edge on the bench with guys like Powell and Ibaka. That could be important if the series goes long, which I think it will. Raptors in 7.

“As long as Boston, Philly and Toronto are involved, you’ll keep hearing from me” – Amir Johnson
“And Milwaukee too” – Greg Monroe

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