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NBA 2019/20 Predictions – Northwest Division

Look at that Hat!!!! Go Northwest Young Man.

I went sky divin, I went rocky mountain climbin. Just like the Tim McGraw song, there will be some sky diving down the division ladder for teams and some mountain climbing for others. Very fitting for the North By Northwest Division. Let’s go with some predictions.

Denver Nuggets

Should be an even better team after their fantastic season from last year. With additions in Jerami Grant and superstar potential Michael Porter Jr in the front court, they have bolstered the roster for another go at the Western Conference Finals. Look for another MVP type season from triple double centre Jokic and the Nuggets are looking good. Jamal Murray needs to keep his focus and stay steady and consistent. With this team they have a run and gun approach that can make opponents reach for the oxygen canisters in Mile High City. Prediction: 1st in the Northwest.

Utah Jazz

Have made a great point guard addition in Mike Conley and with most of their roster still intact from last season, will be like Denver and have a good crack at the top spot for the West. Gobert is coming off defensive player of the year and the stifle tower is a key to the Jazz locking down teams and creating turnovers. Look for Mitchell Donovan to become the superstar that people are predicting, he needs to keep his foot on the accelerator and dominate. Prediction: 2nd in the Northwest

Portland Trailblazers

Had a great run in the playoffs last year knocking off the Nuggets in seven games but then got brutalised by the Warriors in a clean sweep. Have the Blazers peaked possibly. Some would say yes as their star back court is the teams main weapon. If they have an injury to one of the 2 stars, they could suffer deeply. They need Nurkic to get healthy and become the key again to the Blazers engine room. Whiteside is a nice addition at centre but needs to keep his head on shoulders. He is a loose canon and when he drops his bottom lip, the team will suffer. He needs to think team first for the Blazers to move to the next step. Prediction: 3rd in the Northwest

Minnesota Timberwolves

The Wolves have a star in KAT at centre but they have a shaky roster built around potentials. That could end up forcing KAT to look elsewhere after this season. Andrew Wiggins remains the “what if” factor. A gifted athlete that is missing that killer attitude. If he could get some mongrel in him, he could be a star at the swing position. Need Teague to stay healthy at point guard otherwise it could be another long year for the Wolves. Losing Tyus Jones will hurt them more than they know. Culver will hopefully be a surprise rookie and cement his spot in the starting five if Wiggins does not deliver “again”. Prediction: 4th in the Northwest

Oklahoma City Thunder

The Westbrook era is over and with it the dreams of a western conference finals appearance for sometime to come. To think that OKC had Durant, Westbrook and Harden as a core at one stage is mind boggling. That is all in the past now and the Thunder are in rebuild mode. Chris Paul will become very impatient and the team will suffer as part of this. The front court is lacking other than Steven Adams and SGA will be their go to guy. Look for him to boost his personal numbers as the Thunder have no one else to look to for a scoring threat. A fall from grace for a team that will be starting over again. To think Durant, Westbrook and Harden……… Prediction: 5th in the Northwest

2 thoughts on “NBA 2019/20 Predictions – Northwest Division”

  1. Spot on here Ash!! Nuggets should be the West favourites this season I think. Most stable roster and still so much room for improvement. NBA is very ‘LA focused’ after the offseason moves so hopefully Nuggets surprise and claim the crown out West.
    Utah improve with Conley and Bogdanovic, will also be a challenge for anyone out West.
    And Portland just 3rd! Could mount a strong case for them to be 3rd in the West not just their division, but it’s how tough it is at the top out West.
    OKC are in rebuild mode and that roster will look different at the end of the year.
    Can’t help but think Minny need to blow it all up too as Wiggins and KAT just aren’t getting them over the line to me…

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